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September Challenge is Full!

The next challenge is in February 2020.

This 21-day health challenge is all about being focused and disciplined for a short period of time with the goal of giving your wellbeing a boost.

Would you like to drop a little weight, and/or feel and look better, drink a little less and eat better? This is a fun team challenge, so get your crew together and sign up today.

How it Works

Get a Team

3 Weeks

Get Points

Our stats show that people who get the most out of this challenge do it in a team. So, get a team of 5 together (Minimum team size is 2 and maximum size is 10).

The challenge runs for 3 weeks and starts on the first Monday of the month.

We use a simple points based system with the person who finishes the challenge with the most points from your team declared the winner.

Before you begin, each team member selects from one of our science-informed eating guides. Don't worry as we cater for all folks including those wishing to follow a Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Low-Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF), or Keto eating guide.

As well as FOOD, there are points for FITNESS and FACTS (learning). You'll find out more when you sign-up.

Why Do It?

The best reason to commit to this challenge is that it is a habit reset. That is, if you are anything like us here at PreKure, even if you know how to eat healthy, exercise and be the best you can be; you still slip into poor habits from time-to-time and need a RESET.

Your Instructors

Louise Schofield (PhD)
Louise Schofield (PhD)

Louise has a PhD in Public Health and 15 years’ experience in the corporate wellbeing industry, developing behaviour change programs that achieve results. A successful entrepreneur and innovator, she is also the co-founder of PreKure.

During this 21-day challenge, you will be striving for health alongside eminent members of PreKure’s world-class faculty.


"Didn't expect so much change in such a short time - headaches gone, heaps more energy, lost 4kg, sleeping better, and most importantly, I feel motivated and bloody great!"

- Lesley, Feb 2019 PreKureME Participant


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Available in days
days after you enrol


"I did Jenny Craig a couple of years ago and lost 8kg but it was so hard and expensive. I was always hungry - not so with PreKureME!"

- Caroline, Feb 2019 PreKureME Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do this challenge?
Anyone, anywhere, and on any device! This is for you if you want some help and motivation to get your healthy habits back on track. You’ll need access to a smartphone or computer to take part.
When does the challenge start?
It begins on Monday, 2nd September and finishes on Sunday, 22nd September.
Why is it free?
As a social enterprise, PreKure’s mission is to enable free access to up-to-date and effective lifestyle behaviour change programmes for one million people. We believe in lifestyle before medication; we believe that food is medicine; and we believe that we all need to 'be the change we want to see in the world'. Together we can change medicine to be more focused on prevention.
Why should I give this challenge a go?
1. To have fun and get those healthy habits back. 2. To support a family member or friend who would benefit from being healthier. 3. To drop a few kilos/pounds before an upcoming event or holiday.
Do I need to get my team together before I enrol?
No. Sign up yourself now and then forward this link to at least one friend or family member. Then make sure they enrol before the challenge starts! There is no team registration on the site - everyone signs up as an individual.
Do I have to assemble a team to do the challenge?
Not at all. You can complete the challenge as an individual, and your goal will be to get enough points to make the podium! Gaining more than 40 points gives you BRONZE status, more than 60 points gets you SILVER and more than 80 gives you GOLD. You can also contact us at [email protected] if you'd like us to help you find a team.
Can I enter a team from my workplace?
Yes! Have each member of your team enrol individually. Get them to use the initials of your company name prior to their first name e.g., ASBAnna Smith. This way you will be able to search our leaderboard to see how your team is going. The next step is to start a closed facebook group for anyone in your workplace who is doing the challenge. and start the fun, support, and inspo happening!

"I made it a priority to be more mindful of what I put in my mouth. My points weren’t perfect but I will continue to use the skills I learnt. I am now consistent with my exercise, even when busy."

- Katie Agnew, Owner, Authentic Pilates Studio

“I’m now riding my bike to work consistently. My daily insulin use has reduced from approx 35 u/day to 23-24u/day. I’ve had fun! And I’m so happy feeling like I can do something positive for my body, instead of feeling trapped and defeated by my diabetes, energy levels, and moods. I’m a busy working mum, and I feel good doing something for me, instead of having nothing left for me.”

- Amy Lewthwaite

This course is closed for enrollment.