PreKure: WEIGHT LOSS - November 2020

We use the latest scientific research to create a game-changing approach to weight loss.

Lose weight | Stay healthy | Feel great

Welcome to PreKure: Weight-Loss. Working with the PreKure Faculty, we use the latest scientific research to create a game-changing approach to weight loss.

Our mission is to help you learn the tools to manage your weight and your health. For good.

How it works

You begin this 21-day challenge with your team or as an individual on Monday 2nd November. As a community, we support and uplift each other every step of the way

You'll receive:

  1. Detailed plans on 3 proven weight-loss levers (1) What you eat (2) When you eat (3) How much you eat, with advice and support on which one to choose.
  2. Choose from Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Low carb and or Ketogenic options
  3. A 3-week meal planner
  4. Shopping lists
  5. Easy-to-make and ‘taste great’ recipes
  6. Online learning course with educational handouts and a library of videos to help you make a sustainable lifestyle change.
  7. An active group of like-minded individuals to motivate you and share experiences with.

Get the latest game-changing science on

how to lose weight.

Your Instructors

Dr Caryn Zinn

Caryn is an NZ Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of consulting experience as a dietitian.

Professor Grant Schofield

Grant is Director of The Centre for Human Potential at AUT University and high-achieving professor of public health.

Dr Carlo Bellini

Carlo is our Lead Coach for the Health Coach Certificate. A medical doctor and internationally-trained Coach he brings together the perfect mix of skills to train you.

Dr Louise Schofield

Louise has a PhD in Public Health and develops behaviour change programs that achieve results.


"Didn't expect so much change in such a short time - headaches gone, heaps more energy, lost 4kg, sleeping better, and most importantly, I feel motivated and bloody great!"

- Lesley

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do this challenge?
Anyone, anywhere, and on any device! This is for you if you want some help and motivation to get your healthy habits back on track. You’ll need access to a smartphone or computer to take part.
When does the challenge start?
It begins on Monday, 2nd November and finishes on Sunday, 22nd November.
Why should I give this challenge a go?
1. To have fun and get those healthy habits back. 2. To support a family member or friend who would benefit from being healthier. 3. To drop a few kilos/pounds
Do I need to get my team together before I enrol?
No. Sign up yourself now and then forward this link to at least one friend or family member. Then make sure they enrol before the challenge starts! There is no team registration on the site - everyone signs up as an individual.
Do I have to assemble a team to do the challenge?
Not at all. You can complete the challenge as an individual, and your goal will be to get enough points to make the podium! Gaining more than 40 points gives you BRONZE status, more than 60 points gets you SILVER and more than 80 gives you GOLD. You can also contact us at [email protected] if you'd like us to help you find a team.
Can I enter a team from my workplace?
Yes! Have each member of your team enrol individually. The next step is to start a closed facebook group for anyone in your workplace who is doing the challenge. and start the fun, support, and inspo happening!
Health Professionals
For Healthcare Professionals:
PreKure: Weight-Loss Edition is an evidence-based programme, designed to support your patients or clients in achieving sustainable fat loss and better blood sugar control by combining weight loss and intermittent fasting. Please email us at [email protected] for information on how we can support your clinic to implement this successful and proven programme.

Hurry! Our last 21-day weight loss challenge sold out with 1880 participants!

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