Choose your eating plan

Food is medicine.

Every single cell in your body depends on what you put in your mouth.

One size does not fit all in today’s modern world. People eat from all ends of the food and nutrient spectrum, and still enjoy great health.

So, we have developed our own set of dietary guidelines, The PreKure Dietary Guidelines, and we think these can apply to everyone.

The first and most important guideline is...

  1. Enjoy nutritious foods that are whole and unprocessed. Keep total sugar, especially added sugar to a minimum in all foods and drinks.

For the rest of the PreKure Dietary Guidelines and your eating GUIDE for this 21-day challenge. Select and download the GUIDE below that most suits your lifestyle.

In this program we have 4 options:

  1. Low-carb, healthy fat (LCHF)
  2. Mediterranean
  3. Vegetarian and Flexitarian
  4. Keto (less than 50gm of carbs per day). NB - This can be challenging if it is your first time eating lower carbohydrate. If that's you, we recommend starting with the LCHF Guide in the first instance!

Click on the links below and choose your favourite.

Next, start preparing your fridge and cupboard for the challenge. 

0919 PreKure Me Keto_web_Rev.pdf
0919 PreKure Me LCHF_web_Rev.pdf
0919 PreKure Me Medit_web.pdf
0919 PreKure Me VegFlexi_web.pdf