Get your team together and decide on the prizes!


This is a team challenge... why? Because giving your habits a healthy reset is much easier and more fun if you have the support and competition of others! So get your crew together. The ideal team size is 5 but you can do the challenge with anywhere between 2-10 people.

Note - you can do the challenge on your own if you prefer.

Sorting your support is a key for successful behaviour change. This includes support from family, friends and work colleagues. So tell people what you are doing and try and get them involved.

We recommend that you set up an easy way of communicating with each member of your team. The idea is to check in with each other every day of the 21-day challenge.

Decide on the prize for the winner! It's up to you really, here is one idea that the PreKure team have come up with for you to consider...The Winner Takes ALL Prize... All challenge participants in your team put in $50 and the person with the most points at the end of Day 21 takes ALL the cash! The last-placed person (also known as the loser) has to host the prize-giving/cash-awarding ceremony at their place.

In the comments below - tell us what your team is going to do for the winner and or loser!